Neccessär vintage Riley cognac - Burkely

Artikelnummer: 9008416.22.24
Neccessär vintage Riley cognac i läder. Sidorna går att knäppa ner och upp för önskad storlek. Små fickor på insidan.

Storlek: 23x14x13 cm
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The Vintage collection is made of hunter leather, this is a characterful and rough leather that gives the bag a sturdy look. The leather is firm but supple so loosens as it is used. Leather is a natural product that lives, which gives each bag its own characteristic details and a unique appearance. The BURKELY Vintage Riley Toiletry Bag has a zipclosure and is adjustable in size thanks to the press stud on both sides. The toiletry bag consists of a large waterproof compartment with a zip pocket on the inside. The outside has a sturdy carryingloop.